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Payment terms:
If you place an order on the website, please provide complete and accurate information related to delivery and delivery when ordering on the website. When clicking (clicking) on ​​the 'Pay Now' button to place an order, it means that the Client confirms that he has carefully reviewed the information of the order and agrees to the Terms and Conditions published on the website.
Customers can choose to pay COD or ATM domestic payment card, international payment card or transfer directly to Neera Detox Company Limited's bank account.

Customers will receive the goods in about 01-05 days after completing their order. Fast or slow storage and delivery time depends on the delivery unit at the address provided by the customer when placing the order.
Product Refund: Purchased products will only be refunded in case of defects, damage and with Clip received and unpacked.

Refund to customers:
We will refund customers in 3 cases:
- Refund when the order is successful but the product has not been received. This case occurs when we run out of products that customers want to order but have not updated in time on the website or customers order by mistake.
- Refund when the customer receives the product but the product is defective from our side.
- Refund when the customer does not want to receive the product due to personal needs change. We will deduct the shipping cost directly from the customer's refund.

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3 Can x Neera Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup 1L

Price: 150 USD  (~696 RM, ~203 SGD)

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1 Can Neera Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup 1Lit

Price: 55 USD  (~255 RM, ~74 SGD)

2 Can x Neera Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup 1L

Price: 110 USD  (~510 RM, ~148 SGD)

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Neera only ships COD in Malaysia & Vietnam, other countries please pay online. Neera Syrup will receive free shipping within 3-7 days after successful online payment.


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