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Neera Detox syrup is imported and distributed exclusively in Asia by Neera-Detox Company Limited.

Neera® Madal Bal 
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Neera Detox Madal Bal Syrup is imported and distributed exclusively in Asia
by Neera-Detox Company Limited

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Neera Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup is sold in more than 50 countries worldwide with many different names such as Lemon Detox Neera, Sirop Vital, Neera Baumsirup, Naravni Drevesni Sirup, Neera Natursirup, Siro Neera Thụy Sỹ, Siro Detox Thụy Sỹ, Siro Neera Canada...
Neera Natural Tree Syrup is a combination of various Southeast Asian palm syrups with pure Canadian grade-C maple syrup. The syrup is collected by traditional methods and processed and hot-packed in a modern facility in Canada. It is 100% natural and does not contain any stabilizers.


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Neera Detox Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup - Lemon Detox 1000ml
Exp: 02 Nov 2025

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Why choose Neera Detox Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup

Detox - Lose excess weight

Lose excess weight quickly in a few days but still ensure health, increase energy.

Purify & detox the body

Purify the body, sleep better, shiny hair, light skin, firm body, reduce excess fat in hips & hip area.

Support in the treatment of some diseases when combining diet/vegetarian

Prevention & Removal of Germs

Unlike most diets where the weight lost is the weight of water, the promise of weight loss is a diet that tries to force water loss from the body, after the previous weight loss ends. quickly return.

The way to do it with Neera Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup (with many other names like Lemon Detox Neera, Sirop Vital, Neera Baumsirup, Naravni Drevesni Sirup, Neera Natursirup, Lemon Detox,...) the weight loss is from excess, fat and from old & unhealthy cells. This is the real purification and removal of excess weight.

Going vegan with just plain water is too burdensome for most people and can be dangerous. 1 cup of Neera syrup provides full nutrition like a meal, so the stomach does not need to take a lot of space to store, not tired when having to digest too much food, and also because of enough nutrition, when using it, people do not feel feel hungry even though they have not eaten continuously for 10 days, still be active and work normally.


Why do you need to detox - periodically purify the body?
The main purpose of food is to maintain and improve health, but the things we eat contain some toxins such as: too much protein, fat, additives, chemical ingredients ...
As a result, the body gradually accumulates toxic substances, mucus in the blood, in the body & in the cells >>> interfering with the process of supplying nutrients, forming and regenerating. You are healthy when the cells are healthy, don't let it be flooded with toxic substances, our own waste. It makes you gain weight, age faster, and make you less conscious.
That's why periodically at least 1-2 times per year it is necessary to purify the body - detox. Whether you're thin, or fat, or already beautiful, you should do this periodically!
THE NEERA LEMON DIET - Neera Syrup is normally used for a 10-day cleansing diet. The syrup is mixed with fresh lemon juice and Cayenne pepper and water into a pleasant drink. This Drink provides the body with everything it needs for a 7 to 10 day period. During this time, no other food is taken. The body is using this period to clean itself and as a pleasant side effect, weight is usually also lost.
We offer ways to use according to each person's condition. You can eat or not eat at all while taking Neera. However, we recommend using version 6 to cleanse the body most thoroughly. After finishing the thorough cleanse, you can use other versions to lose more weight or stay in shape.


Version 02

This version gives maximum and lasting results. After 10 days, the body is thoroughly cleansed and the results are recorded after a few days, we have a feeling of lightness, increased energy, improved skin surface,... the 10-day course needs about 1.5 - 2 liters of syrup and average loss of 6-9kg
10 Days Version (DO NOT EAT - NEERA ONLY)

Version 06


Half a liter of Syrup lasts 3 days, after 3 days our body feels light and comfortable,
Although toxins are not eliminated as much as the 5-day version, the results for overweight people are an average weight loss of 0.9-2 kg.
2 or 3 day version (DO NOT EAT - NEERA ONLY)

Version 04


Using Neera in place of breakfast & dinner during the day allows you to slowly flush out toxins, without eating solids. However, it is necessary to avoid eating sweets, powdered foods, high-fat foods, fried foods, alcohol. These are products that inhibit the secretion of toxins. Best, during this time, should eat fruits, salads, vegetable juices, eat thin porridge.
This version is intended for people who for various reasons cannot use other versions
Daily Breakfast + Dinner Alternative (Spanish)


Basic. One liter of Neera syrup lasts 5-7 days of the program.
Over 5 days the body is significantly cleansed, and the results are noted for overweight people, an average weight loss of 3-5 kg
5-7 days version (DO NOT EAT - NEERA ONLY)

Version 05


We should periodically use it twice a year and at the same time "once a week". People using route 06 have reported excellent results in terms of health and fitness. The program allows you to maintain a beautiful, slim, healthy body and a wonderfully healthy life.
Pick a day of the week and each week on that day, drink only Neera.
If you do the Program once a week, you will gain continuous benefits and fully manage your weight:
• A year is 52 weeks, so you have fasted 52 days a year.
• If your daily diet is 3000 calories, then you will eat 127,400 fewer calories in a year.
"Once a week" version

Version 03


Version 01

In the morning you drink a cup of Neera or two cups depending on your needs. With 1-2 liters you can drink from a month to 7 weeks. This version is for those who want to replace breakfast with Neera water to purify the body, light skin, shiny hair, eliminate acne.
Use instead of breakfast every day


Note before use

- During the time of taking Neera, if using the meal replacement method, do not eat solid food.
- Drink enough water during the procedure. This ensures that excess materials will not be too concentrated in the parts.
- Gym/exercise should be done more gently because it consumes energy and lowers blood sugar, only moderate exercise.
- Because this is a 100% natural syrup from the sap of the Maple tree to ensure the best quality for the syrup after opening, it should be stored in the refrigerator, before use, it must be shaken because it has no substance. stable.
- For the most delicious water, drink it that day, store the prepared syrup in the refrigerator.
- Should only be used within 24 hours of mixing.

Neera Madal Bal User manual

Radikal 7-10 day course drink recipe
* First 3 days:
- 250ml of filtered water
-15-20ml syrup
-15-20ml lemon juice
-1 pinch of chili and ginger (a small pinch)
+ Drink 6-10 cups a day according to the recipe above. If you feel hungry, drink immediately, don't let your body fall into a state of being too hungry to drink.
+ 1 day drinking more than 1-1.5 liters of filtered water (necessary, because not drinking the skin will be very dry and toxins will be released for a long time)
*From day 4-5
-250ml of filtered water
-15ml syrup 15ml
- 20ml lemon juice
1 pinch of chili, ginger
Keep drinking more water
* From Friday until the end
-250ml of filtered water
-10ml syrup
-15ml -20ml lemon juice
1 pinch of chili

For people with stomach aches, when preparing, it is necessary to note:
- Use fresh ginger powder / ground ginger instead of chili powder
- 2-3 thin slices of lemon for 1 cup of 250ml (do not use lemon juice according to the recipe above).

Problems while using:

In the first few days of detox, there will be a detoxification phenomenon that causes an uncomfortable feeling of lightheadedness, it is very natural and normal, this is a good sign that the body is in good rhythm with the detox. These symptoms are a positive sign.
In our daily food and drink, we load up on nutrients and toxins and harmful substances in it and store it in the body.
To release them from the body, the toxin first enters the bloodstream, then it is removed from the blood. This can cause:
- Mild headache and dizziness
- Fatigue and mild weakness.
In the early days, the skin may be worse, there are acne due to waste accumulated in the body being excreted through the skin, through the toilet, through sweat,... After this process, it will return to health. much stronger than before.
A good way to measure the progress of the purification process is to observe the change in the color of the tongue. It becomes white on 

Stopping eating & drinking only Neera helps the body not to load impurities and remove toxic and excess substances in the body out. Unhealthy foods should not be left in the digestive tract. If we continue to eat, it will be partially absorbed back, that's why not eating will have a better effect.

If you are worried because you can't live and work without eating, don't worry, the syrup provides enough nutrition as a meal, so the body will not feel hungry. Not eating for about 10 days will make your stomach shrink, the belly will get smaller, the feeling of hunger will also disappear.

Most people feel very tired on the 3rd - 4th day of the route, so these 2 days are on Saturday & Sunday so as not to affect work and study.

On day 3-4 there will be 3 possibilities: 1- Most people feel fine, 2- Some people get constipated (You drink more laxative tea or add honey when making syrup with honey equal to syrup), 3- A few have loose stools (Drink carrot juice).

You need to:
- Brush your tongue regularly, gargle with salt water to prevent bad breath.
- If you don't have a bowel movement for more than 3 days, you need to drink laxative tea, or add honey when making syrup, if you have too many times, drink carrot juice.

Notice at the end of the path:

At the end of the radical detox program, take 7 days for the body to get used to the food, not eating hard food too soon will harm the stomach:
- On day 1, you can eat porridge (meat, fish...) but not too salty
- On the 2nd day, besides eating porridge, eat soft fruits + salad, vegetables...
- Day 3 to 7 continue to eat like day 2, but in the evening you can eat soft rice and a snack.
After 1 week after the detox ends, you must eat soft food, after 2 weeks after the detox you can eat as usual.
This is important to protect your stomach.
Historical experience shows that periods of not eating solid food are very beneficial to the body, an optimal investment in improving health and achieving a longer life naturally. A typical example of an aquarium owner, a week must give the fish a break from eating to detoxify, if fed continuously, the fish will get sick and die.

Still wanting to lose weight after just finishing the 10-day fasting version:

You can do up to 20 days in a row without eating, if you want to lose more weight when you have just done 20 days without eating, you can continue to use the version to use instead of breakfast and dinner combined 1 week choose 1 day indeed don't eat just take Neera.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it suitable for dieters?
Nutrition / vegetarians can use it fully, in addition to detox, can also be used with vegetarian dishes, monks and pagodas also often use it for long meditation courses / combination courses. vegetarian.

Stomach sick people use as usual?
Neera provides enough nutrition for the body instead of food, reduces hunger, does not affect stomach pain. In particular, people with stomach ulcers should consult a doctor's menu combination.

Can children use it?
Children over the age of 12 can use it, but need to choose a vacation time or choose a method once a week so as not to affect the child's learning time.

Does the use of lemon affect the stomach?
Lemon, after being mixed with Neera, will create an alkaline solution, not at all affecting the stomach, Neera has been tested for decades in many countries around the world, with different human races all the recordings got good results.

Breastfeeding women can use?
Neera is only enough to provide nutrition for the body, the quality of breast milk will not be guaranteed, so wait until the baby is weaned / can use formula milk, then you can detox with Neera!

Can thin/underweight people use it?
People who are underweight use to clean and cleanse the body regularly, improve and maintain health.


NEERA® MADAL BAL Brand Natural Extract Syrup is made in Switzerland and consists of pure syrup extracted from Canadian maple and Southeast Asian palm trees. It took five years and thousands of trials to produce a blend that met the needs of the Neera Treatment program. This product line has the international common name Neera Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide, in each country Neera syrup is called by names such as: Lemon Detox Neera, Sirop Vital , Neera Baumsirup, Naravni Drevesni Sirup, Neera Natursirup,...

MADAL BAL brand natural extract syrup uses only the purest essence from naturally grown plants unaffected by chemicals. The production of this syrup is laborious and requires patience.

The maple tree, which must be 40 years old to be cut, is a Bird's Eye Maple (one of more than 75 maple species in South America) that only produces sap for about 4 to 6 weeks in March and April each year. At this time, the forest is still submerged under a meter of snow, and collecting tree sap is very cold and difficult work.

Every morning, sap is taken from a barrel hanging from a tree. The rubber is then taken to a makeshift tent and heated with a wood-burning fire until it becomes syrupy. To prevent the syrup from boiling, the sap must thicken. It takes 40 to 50 liters of sweet resin to get one liter of final product. This amount of syrup is equal to the amount of sap produced by a large maple tree in an entire year.
In the US, over 90% of "maple syrup" is artificially made from corn syrup and white sugar and usually contains only 2% pure maple syrup. In MADAL BAL brand natural extract syrup, only pure maple syrup "Type C+" is used and this is the richest in minerals.

Palm syrup production is equally labor intensive, including cutting down trees and pollinating them every day. This careful and painstaking work helps to concentrate the tree's best life-sustaining substances and sap that would otherwise be the fruit of the tree (in the case of the coconut tree it would be the coconut). ). The rubber is then heated over a fire, slowly condensing into syrup to prevent fermentation.

MADAL BAL brand natural extract syrup uses resin from various types of Southeast Asian palm trees, including coconut, Arenga and Kitul trees in the rainforest, Nipah trees in the swamps and Palmyra trees in Northern Sri Lanka. MADAL BAL is usually only produced on small family farms using techniques taught and controlled by Swiss aid workers. This form of concentrated specialist production is of course more expensive than cultivation methods, but it helps to ensure the highest quality of organic syrup, and supports the growth of Local Communities by supporting local community family businesses.

Maple syrup is rich in manganese and zinc, two minerals that are almost absent in palm syrup. Palm syrup, on the other hand, contains a large amount of potassium and calcium, two elements that are necessary for cells to function properly, and therefore they are needed for cleansing the body. When these elements are mixed in a certain ratio, we get a natural extract syrup that is balanced and rich in minerals.
This food is not a medicine and is not to replace medicine.

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